Developer update 8

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Top 100 !

Hurrey ! BOMB is finally in Greenlight’s Top 100 ! Ok, it’s mostly due to other games having been validated, but it could lead to a Steam access within a month or two!


Mark II progress

Mark II is almost done, missions are all scripted but the last tweaks are remaining, fixes on dialogs and we must test, test and test it again, not only the second act but also the first one, insuring that we haven’t broken anything while implementing new features.

Three out of five missions have required specific code and resources to achieve greater diversity in player’s objectives. This had been a great deal of work (so as time), but this is worth it, diversity is here!

One of the missions is really long, so we are thinking about leaving it as it is or splitting it in two parts.

A few images

As I said, missions from the second act are long, and in order to test more rapidly their scripting, I’ve hacked a SAM missile into an air to air one and load it up on my aircraft during debug so I can destroy enemies.
Yes it is cheating, but I’m allowed to do so, I’m the developer.Please note that even if the game is centered around gunfight, real air to air missiles, in a very limited quantity, will be present in the third act, to clean up the sky from time to time when the situation becomes critical for our dear friend Marcel Gaston.

Two shots featuring SAM being used as AAM.