Developer update 7

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AI improvements

This week we have mainly produced content for the upcoming Mark II and this post will focus on artificial intelligence.

In one of the missions from the second act, AI controlled aircrafts must execute a dive bombing on ships. This has been a great challenge to program the AI to go to their target position, begin their dive and aim while keeping a great rate of success.

Dive bombing illustrated

In order to help them, when they dive I continuously compute the bomb’s impact point (see CCIP). Once the impact point is below the quarter of the bomb’s damage area radius, the pilot releases it.

Collision point calculation doesn’t care of the bomb’s drag, only its mass and initial speed, so it adds up a “realistic” margin of error: we don’t want the AI to be stronger than humans!

Finally it works quite well, 12 aircrafts attacking 6 ships sink 2 or 3 of them every time.

You should know that all the aircrafts from a same flight attack the same ship, so in this mission, 3 flights of 4 aircrafts attack 3 ships.

This lead us to close to 100% success rate when a flight attacks a ship, and according to their size (less than 20 meters long), this is very satisfying.

Of course one could improve this but it is not the priority:)

Below some images from this mission.