Cockpits advancement

It’s been a week since I posted, but I think we are going to make a post every two days now, except during the weekend of course !

So I’ve made a lot of improvements for the cockpit of the first aircraft of the game. Every type of instrument that will be present in the game are programatically implemented, and have their own (W.I.P but almost definitive) visual.

Here is a pic(AA is disabled). The different labels are in French because this is the personal aircraft of the hero, who is a French guy. The instrument texts are in english though.

BOMB 2013-02-08 16-32-00-88


So on the left panel we have the engines information, with the RPM indicator, an oil temperature gauge, and two lights showing whether the boost is activable or not.

In the front panel, there is a simplistic external weapon panel, showing what kind of load-out is selected. This information will be completed with more detailed HUD elements.

On the right panel the standard flight instruments, including artificial horizon, altimeter, tachymeter, slip/skid and the vertical speed indicators, and finally the compass at the top right.

The rest of the cockpit texturing is not finalized, and we are going to add some little details such as a few wires, maybe a photograph, and other cool things.

A first look at cockpits

The last few days I’ve been working on the first player aircraft’s cockpit. For the moment I haven’t spent much time on the whole unwrapping and texturing stuff, but I’ve made the first gauges.

BOMB 2013-02-01 17-40-31-96

So basically we’ve got a compass, an artificial horizon, two RPM indicators and an anemometer.

I plan to add a variometer, a turn and bank indicator, and various gauges less usefull such as temperature gauges that we could use to indicate the remaining boost time.