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With this major patch I think it’s time to do a recap on the game and its development.

But without further ado, here’s the changelog:

  • 5 (and a half) additional missions
  • 1 big additional map (Sidi Bandar)
  • 2 new aircrafts, the VB-42 Calamari and the KAC-B , the later one having a cockpit
  • Simultaneous multiple controllers support
  • The Track-IR is now available in external view
  • Landing gears operational on two models: the KAC-B et the VB-37 Astore, others will be added with the next patches
  • Many bug fixes
  • Various graphical improvements

If you’ve already finished the first act, you will have to play the last mission again to access the second act. But you can also modify the saved game’s file.

To do so, open the save.cfg file in C:\Users\*userName*\Documents\BOMB\save\ and change the line:




This will make you start at the beginning of the second act.


Mark II release was late, about a month, which is kinda short, because a month in the video game industry is a short delay, but at the same time a lot because we spent twice the predicted time to make this patch.

I will not go into details for all the causes, but here’s the main two:

  1. More work than planned: indeed, creation of the second act took longer than we thought. Mainly asset creation and scripting, but also plenty of improvement on various parts of the game: AI, turrets behavior, mission building tools have been a time hole, but in the end, the quality is greatly improved.
  2. To be honest, we’ve had a fallow period, motivation wise. We’re working on BOMB for almost 3 years and it’s been a long time, an awful long time.  It’s not like we don’t want to work on it anymore, but we just want to think about something else. So we’ve had to take it easy for a while in order to resource ourselves and to continue development serenely: we don’t want BOMB to finish in pain, because a game finished in pain is often a bad game.

Anyway, we’ve learned from this experience to better meet the deadlines.


To make matters worse BOMB has very little visibility on the net and on the gaming websites, mainly by our fault.

None of us is a commercial/PR person, and when we contact sites, rather than having a speech like “look at my game, it’s SUPER, the best of the world, it’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s AWESOME”, our speech is more like the shy guy trying to seduce a girl in a bar, like “good morning mister journalist, excuse me for bothering you but we’ve made a little game of our own, if you have a minute  and could look at it it would be great, here’s an activation key. Sorry for the inconvenience!”.

Idem for the images, we are not publishing new ones on a regular bases simply because we’re afraid of making duplicates, that one image is not unique or spectacular enough. But we must understand that we don’t have 300 guys to edit our screenshots to get them perfect, and yes, it’s better to exist with duplicates than having a pretty unique picture once every 6 months.

So here’s a bunch of recent picture from the game because, still, isn’t our baby a beauty:

3 thoughts on “BOMB MkII is OUT!”

  1. I’m trying to follow dogfight / flight sim / airplane genre and I’ve come along the game only because I saw in it OGRE forums.

    I love your game and screenshots seem great but it’s sad that there are tens of games with nothing but garbage that draw huge attention online due to intense PR / relations. I’m looking forward for the game to get greenlit ASAP.

    P.S : I’ve surely upvoted it! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your positivite comment ! Congratulations, you are our first “true” comment on our blog, and not a f***g spammer !

    I must say I agree with your point of view on “garbage” games, but on the other side this is also due to our failure to communicate properly on the game and to give to the potential what they want to see.

    1. Glad to be the first true appreciator! 😀

      Reading a few posts and it’s clear that it’s also caused by your lacking in PR & communication (it’s not that I’m any different, anyway) but I hope it’ll get the attention it deserves and you’ll be happy with the result eventually.

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