Developer update 13

tl;dr; BOMB will come out from early access on January 2015. Apple sucks.

We have missed our December release window (i.e. before Steam’s Christmas sales) because the mac version is not ready for prime time. So close to the end, it’s very important for us to release the game in a suitable state.

Also, we are experiencing trouble making the dedicated server work on Steam, but it’s getting solved. Expect it in a few days.

To sum up all that has already been improved since the last blog post for the MkIII release last august:

  • Huge performance improvement: lower memory consumption and much faster loading times
  • New content:  a new environment, a new race map, new sounds and musics
  • Clearer UI
  • Smarter AI
  • Linux support
  • BOMB is close to excellence, says RPS
  • A player thinks we have the best mouse control on the market (I totally agree)
  • We finally get rid of the infamous “shoot to thrill” message to “press shoot to start”

If you’re interested in efficiently customizing your paint scheme, here’s how-to.

The FAQ has also been updated on the forum.