Developer update 11

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It’s been a while so here’s some news.

Steam release

We are planning to release the Mk III during July, most likely around the 14th. Still in early access until the multi player is more advanced and balanced and until mac and linux versions are done.

Server Browser

It’s done.  The server browser component is finished. Development was done in two steps:

  • Steam game management integration. This was not so complicated, but not so simple as well. The documentation from Valve isn’t so clear, but as soon as the logic is understood the implementation is really easy.
  • Graphical menu crafting itself. I think that majority of people ignore it, but creating a video game menu is always a pain in the ass. Generally this task is assigned to the interns. But we don’t have any intern so it is Victor who did it for the programming part, and myself for the graphical part. Here’s what it looks like, and yes, there is currently no BOMB multiplayer game server 🙁




Five out of the six missions from the third (and last) act has been done. Balancing is remaining to do for 2 of them and the last one is in progress. As it’s the last, we especially take care for it.

Here’s some images from a particularly hard mission (they all are in this final chapter).