Developer update 5

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As most of the problems encountered by the first players have been solved, we’ve focused at 95% on the Mk II.

General progress

We are a little late compared to what we hoped for initially, but we’re doing everything we can to ship the first big update before the end of March. We question ourselves about the new multi player mode: races. This mode is implemented for quite a while but we would like to make it more “spectacular”, and this requires more 3D models and more visual effects.Presently, 3 out of 5 missions from the second act are done, requiring only to polish and test them as most of the heavy work is done. The couple of last missions are far more complex in term of scenario (and far more long to play!), so we care especially for them. For information, all the missions from the second act (except for the introduction one) are as long as “Storm” from the first act, and harder as well.

The second cockpit is almost finished, small texture elements are still missing, as well as the animations for the stick, throttle and rudder, in order to be compatible with the new system.

We are (with help from our KGP3D friends) also adding several 3D objects to add life and diversity during the missions.


We have also spent time to make the game look greater, especially by tweaking desert colors.

Some of the missions are set by dawn or sunset and the past colors weren’t a barrel of laughs. Let the new settings speak by themselves.

I must confess that this picture randomly found on internet has helped me a lot:

desert sunset


Lastly, here’s an update on our Greenlight status.  Since the last validated batch (early March) we have climbed to 90%, then 89% of our way to the top 100. With several batches validated, we should be validated as well, by lack of projects ahead of us.

Although, it’s been two days our curve is above the Top 100 one, but without being in the Top 100. We still don’t understand nothing about how it works.


Update: 88%